Rice: I’ve never drunk beer when I’m so old. If England win, I’ll try

Rice: I've never drunk beer when I'm so old. If England win, I'll try
Declan rice has promised to drink his first beer if England win this summer’s European Cup. The West Ham star admits he doesn’t like beer but will allow an exception if the three lions win the European Cup. The 22-year-old rice is likely to play an important role in this European Cup, with England facing Croatia in the opening match. Rice said, “you know what? To this day, I haven’t had a beer, and I’m 22 years old! It’s true. I’ve never had a beer. ““ I don’t like drinking. I know it’s a bit off topic, but I’ve never had a beer. People are surprised to hear that. I just don’t like the taste of beer, so I’ve never tried it. ” Asked if England win the European Cup