Dragon Boat Festival “robbery” of A-share curse makes many fundamentalists entangled in choice: holding base or holding currency?

Dragon Boat Festival
Original title: Dragon Boat Festival “robbery” of a share curse! The choice for many fundamentalists: holding fundament or holding currency? Source: The Curse of the Dragon Boat Festival is related to the seasonal fluctuation of funds, but short-term liquidity is only one factor affecting the market trend. The so-called curse is only a psychological effect. It is the fundamentals of listed companies and the prosperity of the industry that deserve more attention. There is still one day to go before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Life is full of festival atmosphere. However, investors at the moment of the heart is very tangled – holding festival or holding money Festival? Nowadays, with the emergence of more popular funds and net red funds, and the prevalence of the concept of “buying base is better than speculating in stocks”, investors tend to shift their focus to funds. As a result, there is a new hot topic: do you want to redeem the fund before the festival? From the Dragon Boat Festival after a share